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Sound Transducers

As a specialist in sounding devices and audible products, Challenge Electronics gives you the benefits of technical expertise and product availability to save you valuable time sourcing the best buzzers and transducers for your product design.


  • High-performance
  • Wide Selection
  • RoHS Compliance
  • REACH Compliance

Our line encompasses many styles and configurations, each of which feature high-performance characteristics, a wide range of operating voltages and frequencies. Termination types include SMD, Through-Hole, panel mounting, more. RoHS certified.




Feb 2019
Welcome Electra Reps our new sales rep. in Texas, Lousianna, Arkasas and Oklahoma

Feb 2019
Welcome Tech Marketing our new sales rep. in North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia

Mar 22, 2018
Welcome Technology Marketing Corp., our new sales rep in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Feb 5, 2018
Welcome Luscombe Engineering Co. our new sales rep in Northern California and Northern Nevada.


Feb 22, 2019
Oval Speaker:

Jan 14, 2019
Round Speaker:

Sep 14, 2018
Mobile Speakers:

June 11, 2018
NEW MEMs Microphones

May 14, 2018
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