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A global supplier of sounding devices

Challenge Electronics originated during the era when many suppliers tried to be one-stop shops for electronic components. And while many of these organizations remain in business, many more have left the business. Since its earliest days, Challenge has been a specialist in audible technology, aligning itself with the finest factory resources strategically so that it could build and maintain an infrastructure of manufacturing, distribution and value added services that is unrivaled by any other supplier in this market.

ISO 9001:2015-certified organization

Today, Challenge operates on a global basis, providing the benefits of North American engineering talent and expertise plus the economical advantages of off-shore manufacturing. This results in a lean and highly capable ISO 9001:2000-certified organization that offers high quality product and more immediate technical support for your audible applications.

With offices in key regions around the world, Challenge is ready, willing and able to service the most demanding markets including medical electronics, consumer appliances, automotive and marine instrumentation…or any high-performance system that relies upon clear sound output or audio reception in order to function to spec.

Corporate Headquarters
95 E. Jefryn Blvd.
Deer Park, NY 11729

Tel: 631.595.2217
Toll Free: 1.800.722.8197
Fax: 631.586.5899

Email: sales@challelec.com


  • 95 East Jefryn Blvd.
  • Deer Park, NY 11729
  • ph: 800-722-8197
  • fax: 631-667-5484



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