What is PinPoint Alert?

Patent pending Challenge Electronics proprietary alarm tone which establishes Sound Localization for the sounding alarm as either a software or hardware deployment.

What is Sound Localization?

The ability for a listener to identify a sound’s origin in terms of direction and distance using aural and acoustic cues within the human auditory system.

Localization Cues

The human auditory system analyzes four main cues to achieve localization. PinPoint Alert implements all four simultaneously.

  • Timing differences
    • Interaural Time Differences (ITD)
      • Difference in arrival time between ears
  • Intensity difference
    • Interaural Intensity Differences (IID)
      • Difference in loudness between ears
  • Frequency Filtering
    • Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF)
      • Filtering as sound passes through head
    • Pinna Filtering
      • Filtering as sound passes through ear pinna
        • Filtering as sound passes through head
  • Correlation Analysis / Pattern Matching
    • Hass Effect
      • Repeatable patterns within a determined period associate to the same source after reaching each ear

Importance of Localization?

Localization can enhance all applications where the listener can benefit from quickly determining the source of the sounding alarm.

  • Danger Awareness and Evasion
    • Emergency Vehicles
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Fire Alarms
  • Low Power Replacement
    • Fire Alarms
    • Mobile Battery
  • Personal Item Locator
    • Key Finder
    • Accessory Locator
  • Many Additional Applications

PinPoint Localization Benefits

The Challenge Electronics proprietary tone provides all necessary aural and acoustic cues for localization with significantly improved localization over all other market offerings.

  • Low cost
  • High SPL
  • Small form factor
  • Low current consumption
  • Environmentally friendly piezoelectric application
  • Highly distinguishable tone from environmental noises

PinPoint Application Formats

PinPoint Alert can be applied in a wide variety of hardware and software applications.

  • Software Package
    • Software package capable of being driven from customer controller to currently deployed piezoelectric transducer
    • Independent of hardware platform
  • Panel Mount
    • Mounts on a standard 1.5mm panel
  • Board Mount
    • High SPL output
    • Mobile and wearable applications

Click here for technical specifications.


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